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We would like you to invite on a journey towards completely organic, sustainable and natural skin care

Our Philosophy

VISHVAM , an idea born out of love for natural skin care and sustainability with a vision to create something distinctive for people that would blend easily into their daily routine without making extra efforts and time for skincare regime. It’s a kind of skinvestment one needs in their busy lives. As its on the skin, so it has to be natural and long lasting, if you choose vishvam, you are not only choosing the best quality hand made  products but also investing in your long term skin health and radiance.

Vishvam is focused on ultimate potency, absolute freshness and complete purity that combines
essential oils, botanicals and minerals that heal and restore our skin without harming the earth. The skincare products at vishvam are dedicated to redefining skin care industry standards by making the products that are good for us and for the planet. The plant derived ingredients used in the making are being sustainably harvested at vishvam farms and that makes it one of a kind.


The products are entirely free from animal derived ingredients, parabens, silicones, toxins, synthetic fragrances and more. It uses only flowers, fruits,root extracts and other botanicals to give you clean lines to experience a deeper and more nourishing care.

Bath Products
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